Visitors and new students are encouraged to join or observe classes. Whether you are joining us in person at Thousand Oaks Elementary School or virtually over Zoom, we are happy to have your energy!


Monday & Wednessday at 6PM we offer two beginners focused classes exploring basic techniques, ukemi and body movement. Beginning students are welcome to attend any of our classes; Monday and Wednesday evening are highly recommended. Contact Sensei for more information: kaylasensei@yahoo.com

What to Expect at Your First Class

Aikido is a deep martial art that involves much more than self-defense; it includes stretching, breathing, philosophy, meditation, awareness, connection, balance, and moving from center. Anyone can study Aikido, regardless of physical skill or previous experience in athletics or other martial arts. If you have a gi, jo, bokken or tanto, bring them to class. If not, that's fine; just wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Please fill out our waiver and bring it with you to your first class. Your first class is free!

Training During the COVID Pandemic

Aikido training during stressful and uncertain times yields wonderful benefits to our bodies, minds and spirits. We are responsible for each other and we are taking precautions to keep each other safe, including social distancing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer.

For those who can't join in person classes are also streamed live on Zoom.

Dojo Sign Weapons class in the park