New students and visitors are encouraged to try or observe a class. We are happy to have you join us! Students must be fullly vaccinated to participate. As of April 15, 2023, masks will be optional.

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Adult Beginners

Monday & Wednessday beginner-focused classes explore basic techniques, ukemi (safe falling), and body movement. Beginning students are welcome to attend any of our classes, but Monday and Wednesday evenings are highly recommended.

How to Observe or Take a Class as a Visitor

  • If you wish to observe or practice as a guest, sign up below as a vaccinated student. If practicing, please drop your $20 mat fee for each class in the box to the left of the front door.

Sign Up

  • Fill out the Adult Registration Form or Child Registration Form.
  • Email a photo of your CDC card with your name to info@aikidoofberkeley.com.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from zenplanner.com. Please follow the directions and set your password.
  • Go to https://aikidoofberkeley.zenplanner.com, log in to Zen Planner, and digitally sign the online waiver.
  • Cancel (void) a check or deposit slip for automatic dues payment and drop in the “Mat Fee” box to your left when you enter the dojo.

What to Expect at Your First Class

You must register and sign the online waiver before attending classes.

Aikido is a deep martial art that involves much more than self-defense. It includes stretching, breathing, philosophy, meditation, awareness, connection, balance, and moving from center. Anyone can study Aikido, regardless of physical skill or previous experience in athletics or other martial arts. If you have a gi (uniform) jo, bokken or tanto, bring them to class. If not that's fine, just wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Please see our class schedule and email us at info@aikidoofberkeley.com if you have any questions or need more information.