KIDS Global Aikido Camp & Get-Together!


Kids, please join us as we make friends around the world! Whether you are new to Aikido and martial arts or if you’re super advanced, all are welcome. At the beginning of our event, everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and say what country they’re from. Then we’ll have our first 30-minute Aikido class. Next, there will be a 10-minute Show & Tell and water break. After that, we’ll have another 30-minute class, followed once again by a Show & Tell, Q&A Session, and farewells.


  • Kayla Feder, 6th dan
  • Lia Suzuki Sensei, 6th dan

LGBTQ+ In Aikido, 2.0

Saturday at 10 AM PST – 11 AM PST

Please join us for this interesting and thought-provoking conversation. All are welcome, even if you don’t identify as LGBTQ, and you’re curious to learn and gain more information about this topic in Aikido.

A discussion about LGBTQ+ in Aikido with instructors who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Kayla Feder, 6th dan Aikikai
  • Cath Davies, 6th dan Aikikai
  • Greg Angus, 6th dan Aikikai
  • Jamie Leno Zimron, 6th dan AWMAI

LGBTQ+ In Aikido, 2.0 is a follow-up to our last LGBTQ+ In Aikido Community Call. While the last event introduced a panel of young and mostly lower-ranked LGBTQ+ Aikido-ka, in this event, we’re honored to have four LGBTQ+ instructors who started their training earlier – people who started training back in the 70’s and 80’s and are now instructors. This could make for some interesting comparisons and contrasts. Once again, our intention is to create a safe space for discussion about LGBTQ+ in Aikido – safe for dojo-cho who want to make their dojo more inclusive and safe for LGBTQ+ participants to share their insights and experiences. We also warmly invite LGBTQ+ folks who have not yet tried Aikido but are considering it. Registration is free, but donations are appreciated and gratefully accepted. AKI USA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible and support the panelists as well as ongoing programs such as Community Calls and AKI USA’s Youth Scholarship Program.