Upcoming Seminars

More information to come, contact Sensei for details

Sat. April 17th 10AM PDT: Adventures with Koshi nage

Hosted by: Rafael Tonani Dojo

This event is free, but we accept voluntary contributions. If you can not contribute please come practice with us.

Sat. May 1st 10AM PDT: Adventures with Koshi nage

Hosted by: NOLA Aikido

In this class, we’ll explore, study and play with koshinage. I’ve found fun and interesting ways to study this technique without a partner, so don’t let the idea of koshinge intimidate you. If you have a partner, that’s great, but if not, we will use props to help you with the hip alignment. Even if you think you won’t use koshinage back at your dojo, the solo practice of the hip movement and how nage’s center contacts uke’s center, will benefit all of your techniques. I’ll include a yoga pose that mirrors the hip movement in koshinage. For the past five years I’ve used Yutaka Mito Sensei’s maxim: “Feel, Become One, Make a Path, Don’t Throw”, as a barometer. We’ll look at these and how they inform our practice. We’ll have study time and spirit time and we’ll bring the two together! I look forward to practicing with you and having an Aiki adventure with you. Everyone is welcome!

Sat. May 29th: Aikido Summer Seminar 2021

Hosted by: Aikido Kenkyukai International USA & Lia Suzuki Virtual Dojo

Theme: "How has our Aikido changed during the pandemic?"

Join us virtually this year, for our annual Aikido Summer Seminar in Los Angeles. Although the number of COVID cases continues to decline in Los Angeles, this year's seminar will be held on Zoom out of an abundance of caution.

Session 1: 10:00 PST | 13:00 EST | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST

Session 2: 17:30 PST | 20:30 EST | 9:30 JST | 10:30 AEST