Ukemi as Giving – Gordon Allan

This 2.5 hour course will be a collection of my thoughts and practices for building strong, soft, and versatile ukemi. I initially put this course together as a way to teach the soft highfall, so that is one of the skills we will focus on, but there are many other aspects of ukemi that I am excited to share with my Aiki community. I want to say that I believe soft ukemi is available to all bodies and ability levels, and even if you don’t want to be taking high falls at this point, the principles that lead toward that goal can be very useful for strengthening your falling practice. We talk often about how “ukemi” means “receiving,” so I want to flip that and consider it from the perspective of gift giving. After all, to receive is also to give. Offering this course is part of my commitment this year to step up in the ways I give back to this art form that has changed my life. I am very grateful to Kayla Sensei for the opportunity to share what I have been working on.
Class will start promptly at 6:30. Please arrive on time as warm-ups are a critical part of the process. Donations gratefully accepted. A portion of the proceeds will go to voter registration and anti-voter-suppression efforts.